The Home Buying Guide


Our Home Buyers’ Guide provides a general overview of the basics you will need to know in order to navigate today’s real estate market. To take advantage of our full Real Estate service, feel free to schedule a personalized, obligation free consultation to explore your specific needs.

Location, Location


The first step is to decide where you would like to buy, certain factors will come into play in this decision. At this stage it’s important to review your budget, personal property preferences and lifestyle requirements that may impact the where you can purchase your home. Next do your own research. Make sure you know the value of homes in your target area, this is where we can assist you.

Things to consider: Property type – House, unit, studio, townhouse, acreage?
 The number of bedrooms, bathrooms, home office and parking.

The Location – Are you close to Work, schools, friends and family?  Is there easy access to transport, services and shops. We have an extensive checklist of things you may need to consider.
Is the infrastructure established or are there plans to develop the area?


Finance Options

Before embarking on your property search, it’s important to understand the financial processes and evaluate your financial position, understand your budget, familiarize yourself with the many mortgage options. This will give you confidence when negotiating for your desired property.
Get Pre-Approval – In today’s markets where demand is high and stock levels are low.  Written pre-approval is essential and will give you an edge in securing your home over the competition.  If a seller receives two similar offers, one accompanied by a letter that confirms financing pre-approval, and the other without, your offer is likely to be considered first.